2019 LWES 85

2019 LWES 85

This edition of Living Well Eating Smart is packed full of great nutrition advice - from simple meal recipes to helping you prevent prediabetes and more!

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Enjoy a lean source of protein and support families touched by cancer. Every carton of The Farmer's Hen ™ Free Range Grade A Large Eggs (cmcfood.com) sold funds the efforts of the non-profit Family Reach ® Foundation. Family Reach ® aims to alleviate the financial burden a cancer diagnosis can cause families. Through education, guidance and monetary assistance, Family Reach ® has been able to help more than 80,000 individuals across the United States. Great snacks include foods from 2 to 3 Food Groups and provide carbohydrates, protein and a little bit of fat. New FAGE ® TruBlend (usa.fage.com) hits all of these points without adding sugar, nutritive or non-nutritive sweeteners. A mixture of lowfat creamy plain yogurt and fruit such as Cherry, Blueberry and Strawberry, FAGE ® TruBlend provides 13 grams protein, 11 grams carbohydrates and 2.5 grams fat in every 5.3-ounce cup. Want to add a wholesome whole grain or a veggie-based grain alternative to meals? Nature's Earthly Choice ® (earthlychoice.com) delivers in seconds. Whole grains like Black Rice, Red & White Quinoa and Quinoa & Barley, and riced vegetable options such as Broccoli Rice and Cauliflower Rice, are ready to build the base of your favorite recipes in 90 seconds thanks to their microwaveable pouches. The perfect tasty morsels to add to pasta, roasts and sautés, NatureSweet ® Glorys ® Tomatoes (naturesweet.com) are "born to cook." With a thicker skin than other tomato varieties, Glorys ® provide vitamins A and C in addition to the cancer-fighting compound lycopene. Cooking tomatoes helps release lycopene even further. Simply drizzle on your favorite olive oil and you'll get even more out of fat-soluble vitamin A and lycopene. Nuts, seeds and their butters are a tasty way to obtain heart-healthy liquid fats in addition to plant- based protein. Whether you enjoy Creamy or Crunchy, Big Y ® Organic Peanut Butter (bigy.com) is a tasty addition to any sandwich or recipe you whip up. Made with the simple ingredients of peanuts and salt, every serving provides 6 grams monounsaturated fat and 8 grams protein. C A N C E R 10 You've been diagnosed with cancer and completed treatment — now what? Life after cancer is becoming a reality for more and more Americans every year. When it comes to nutrition, the good news is recommendations aren't extreme or different from pre-diagnosis. Focus on lean sources of protein, mix up your colors from vegetables and fruit daily, enjoy liquid oils from sources like nuts, seeds and cooking oils and choose whole grains most often. SURVIVORSHIP Make lean sources of protein, like Springer Mountain Farms ® Chicken (springermountainfarms.com), your go-to for essential protein building blocks called amino acids. These little molecules are needed by your body to build muscles and bones, assist in hormonal reactions, provide energy and manage appetite. Springer Mountain Farms ® All Natural Fresh Whole Chicken is never given antibiotics and is fed non-GMO feed, all the while being American Humane Certified. ™

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